Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dream baby!

Also, sorry for the lack of bi-weekly updates; I've just been super lazy.

Whenever I dream of bathrooms, it's usually like a HUGE room full of toilets, I mean everywhere you go, just toilets. Usually the toilets are filled with junk, but I don't mind. And during this sequence, I don't have a care in the world; I'm not worried about people looking or how everything's so open. Is there something wrong with me? I usually get these dreams every two months or so, and no, I don't have to use the restroom when I wake up and my sheets are clean. I also had another dream where I was being shot at, which was freaking trippy and scary. I was with my church friends, and we were just chilling at someone's apartment, when these two or three guys some in with guns in their hands. I nearly died, then I headed out the back when shots were fired. I climbed out the window, then fell maybe 5 stories. I was stumbling, trying to get up, when those same guys came around the corner, and they started throwing all these things on me, they must've been receipts or IOU's (think Dumb and Dumber). They were telling me that I was the one who robbed the bank, and they wanted me to say it, or else they would've shot me. I complied, the I woke up. What are you guys up to these days?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dark Souls...

Here I come!

I can't wait until this game comes out; I'll play the hell out of it, then die thousands of times, and learn from (almost) every death. For those who've played Demon's Souls, this game will fit nicely in their collection. Thank you Bandai, but I would've also liked to have played the broken statue, the Giants one.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Humans are

pretty darn amazing creatures. We cured diseases, built skyscrapers, and ventured to the highest and lowest (that we know of) points on the entire planet; why? To show that we pretty much rock. Take the brain, for example. It's just a bunch of nerves and synapses pulsing information in electricity (I think...) throughout our entire body to control and do things on it's own; without our knowledge. Have you ever had those inner-body farts that occur within your stomach/intestines? Those instances are pretty funny, because you can't help it, haha. But to what extent will we go? Every year or so, information and data speeds and whatnot increase almost two-fold; that's a huge leap from every 100 years to build something (right?).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear wood plank.

Did it hurt when I ran you over after switching lanes at 65MPH? I don't think it did, because you were still in the same position when I looked back, stubborn you. Now I will be sending you a bill for the damages: new tire ($100), new wheel ($70), and heartache ($54378295634782657346925432). Thank you for your business, but due to certain events, I hope that we never meet again.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I think cats

are using my doormat as a litter box. There's no dookie or any of the sort, but it always smells right outside the entrance to my house. Also, there's always cats around; always. Why is it that felines are able to live on their own (almost) as a wild cat, and dogs are just helpless and get hit by cars and stupid stuff? Maybe it really is like men and women. Almost.